6   The Turtle Beach Resort

is a luxurious 5 star resort with studios and apartments for families, couples and singles amidst a pleasant surroundings at reasonable prices.

The name Turtles Beach was chosen with care, because in the crystal clear water of the Red Sea infront the resort also the most sensitive turtles feel at home.

Our intuition is to offer the residents of the resort a place on land and in water where they are just as comfortable as our roommate of the sea.

The Turtles – its inhabitants call it as lovingly – is the most popular resort in Hurghada and around. With its own private beach, an community from over 30 countries, recreational facilities and many other special features, it is now the best resort in Hurghada. And it’s not even finished yet ! Phase 1 was completed in the end of 2014 in time and phase 2 is even prematurely – before the end of 2016 – passed to the new owner. The German management and an innovative approach make it particularly valuable: as capital as well as for own use or retirement.